fresh and
delicious coffee.

We don't sell stale and bitter coffee. We only roast fresh coffee to order.

Urban Roasters

Coffee that doesn't taste crap.

Urban Roasters is a boutique coffee roaster based in Canberra. Our focus is to create a selection of affordable coffee beans, while not compromising on taste and quality.

We believe good coffee shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. And we believe life is too short to drink coffee that tastes crap.

Meet the crew

Our Columbian coffee bean


Our new organic Colombian is sourced from a free-range farm, to ensure year round flavour stability. This coffee bean has a mild body, with a mixture of delicious sweetness and tones of cocao. Perfect black or as a piccolo!

Our Peru coffee bean


Our organic Peru is single-origin and organic! This bean is a medium roast with tones of cocao, full bodied in the cup and a light acidity. Perfect for the lovers of a traditional coffee flavour, a great black or with a little milk!

The Diplomat coffee blend


Introducing The Diplomat, our very own house-blend! Velvety smooth, with just enough acidity to slice through the milk, this blend is sure to please even the most snobbiest of taste buds.

Our Peru coffee bean


Our Honduras is sourced from the Francis Garcia Estate. Oh boy, this is a coffee that will hit you with flavour! Candied Strawberry and Apricots with a big syrupy body, great black and brewed.

Limited Coffee

Coming soon.